Our patients age range for eye examinations
are 5 years and older.*

Our doctors integrate all examination results to precisely determine your eyes prescription and the eyes overall health status. The eye examination includes checking the refractive status, functional visual system, peripheral field of vision testing, and eye pressures. Further, we perform a detailed analysis of your eye's internal health. Each Eye Trends-Barker Cypress doctor is well-trained to diagnose, treat, and manage most eye diseases, infections, and injuries. The doctors evaluate your eyes for systemic diseases that can affect the eyes like: diabetes, high blood pressure, auto-immune disorders, and more. The thoroughness of our examinations help you maintain optimal eye and overall health.

*Younger than age 5? We recommend seeing a pediatric optometrist.

We use optical innovation to take better care of you

Our doctors at Eye Trends-Barker Cypress use the latest high-tech equipment to effectively examine your eyes. This latest ophthalmic technology allows our doctors to better assess your eye health, view potential issues, and effectively address them. Some of our equipment includes:

  • Optomap®: State-of-the-art technology used to capture an incredible 200 degrees of the eye's inner tissues (retina, macula, optic nerve, vascular system) to explicitly evaluate the eye's current state of health and also possibly provide a snapshot of the patient's overall systemic health.
  • Autorefractor: A sensitive device used as a starting point to determine the patient's refractive error.
  • Autokeratometer: A high-tech instrument used to measure the cornea's curvatures. Unusual changes of curvature may indicate corneal concerns.
  • Tonometer (NCT): An instrument used to measure the eye's internal pressure. Higher pressures may be associated with glaucoma.
  • Visual Field Analyzer (W/A FDT & Humphrey VF): Both extremely sensitive devices designed to quantify the patient's field of vision (peripheral vision). Field deficits may indicate serious issues such as: glaucoma, stroke, tumor, brain injury, retinal tears or detachments, etc).
  • Phoropter: A device used to measure a patient's refractive error (prescription) and evaluate the functional aspect of the eye's vergence and accommodative systems.
  • Biomicroscope: A special microscope used to carefully evaluate the eye's many anatomical structures with great precision and clarity.
  • Topography: An advanced non-invasive medical imaging technology for mapping the cornea's surface curvature.
  • Pachymeter: A device used to measure the thickness of the cornea.

The Optomap® is a game changer


We co-manage LASIK and PRK surgeries

Our doctors have co-managed thousands of highly satisfied LASIK and PRK patients around Houston, the United States, and internationally. Dr. Pham, early in her career, practiced with a high-end Houston LASIK practice while Dr. Ziskrout worked with a very prominent Houston-based ophthalmology group for about 8 years working directly with renowned and pioneering cataract and LASIK surgeons. Dr. Tommy Nguyen has several years of expertise in co-managing these same eye procedures.

Each of our eye doctors confidently and professionally co-manage all forms of refractive (LASIK & PRK) procedures and lens replacement (cataract, ICL, & refractive lensectomy) surgeries. Our doctors role is to assess the patient's candidacy for refractive surgery and to perform the necessary pre-operative and post-operative care. Our vetted and trusted surgeon has performed over 55,000 procedures and has been voted "Top 100 LASIK Surgeons in America."

  • Catherine G.
    My family has been coming to this location for 3 years because of Dr. Ziskrout. He is extremely personable and intelligent. His exams are like talking with an old friend. And if you are not a fan of eye exams, this is the office to come to because they make you feel at ease the entire time. Carlos is also very good at his job. Finding you the best glasses and getting all of the insurance information together so you know your budget. I love that this office texts appointment reminders and when glasses are ready for pick up. They are a well run office and it shows. Thank you Eye Trends Barker Cypress!
    Catherine G.
  • John P.
    Great staff resulting in outstanding service. Carlos is outstanding. Dr Pham is very thorough and explains things in laymen’s terms.
    John P.
  • Paula L.
    I have been coming here for years. This was my first visit with Dr Ziskrout. He is wonderful! He listened carefully to my concerns. Found a solution and now I’m seeing really well. Definitely 5 star.
    Paula L.
  • Hector V.
    Great experience, friendly and courteous staff. Dr Pham was very clear and patient dealing with my high sensitivity to light. My allergies irritate my eyes and my blurred vision was restored in a few days. His experienced staff conducted all types of tests in office. It’s location , makes it very convenient to access from any point. A great experience and a nice Dr.
    Hector V.
  • James M.
    As always, Doctor Huy “Tommy” Nguyen hit another home run in my book. Dr. Nguyen really cares about me as a patient and and I’m comfortable with his diagnosis. The entire staff are just wonderful people. They’re friendly, courteous, intellectual and sincerely genuine. From start to finish, it’s a pleasure having to visit Dr. Nguyen’s office. Don’t take my word folks! The next time you need to see an eye doctor; schedule an appointment with Dr. Huy “Tommy” Nguyen and you’ll understand what I mean.
    James M.
  • Arlene S.
    I’ve had a lot of trouble over past years with my eyes (went to neuro-opthamologist for 30 years) & moved here a few years ago. After disaster with a neuro-opthamologist here, I found Dr Z who is fantastic! He has enabled me to see better than I have in 30 years without pain! He & optometrist Julie showed tremendous, sensitivity, understanding & patience for which I am most grateful. I now have new light-weight style frames & lenses that are very comfortable & flattering to my small face... & I can see!!
    Arlene S.
  • Shelly W.
    I have been very happy with the people who work at Eye Trends Barker Cypress for many years now. Dr. Pham is so friendly and fun. It is obvious, to me, that she loves what she does, which makes for a great doctor/patient relationship. Carlos was very attentive, knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with me as I took time to find a new pair of glasses. I never felt rushed and he was great at helping me to make a decision that I know that I will be happy with. I highly recommend Eye Trends in Cypress. If you are in need of a place for optic care, this is the place to go!
    Shelly W.
  • Sam U.
    I was and still amazed at how 2racious and attentive the doctors and staff were on my recent visit for an eye exam and ew glasses. I could not be more happy I the care and respect that was shown. These people really care about you. Thank you so much. I highly recommend.
    Sam U.
  • Katie T.
    My whole family has been going for years. I’ve never even thought about going somewhere else! Each appointment I’ve had is always quick and easy. I’ve never had to wait for a long time and always get quality care by workers who care about their job.
    Katie T.
  • Colleen G.
    Dr. Katie Pham and the entire Eye Trends Barker Cypress team were courteous and helpful at my visit. I appreciate the time they all took, never making me feel rushed. Love this place!
    Colleen G.
  • Mark O.
    Been coming to Eye Trends Barker Cypress for the past 5 years. Small and cute/clean place that gets you in and out super fast. All employees and doctors know what they’re doing and are very friendly.
    Mark O.